About Cops for Kids

Cops For Kids Mission

The Dane County Deputy Sheriff’s Association has a Cops For Kids grant program which assists economically disadvantaged children that are residents of Dane County. Since its inception more than a decade ago, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been given to children in Dane County for needs as varied as clothing and lunches to musical instrument rental and medical costs.

Application forms may be obtained below, or from the Dane County Deputy Sheriffs Association, Inc., P.O. Box 1472, Madison, WI 53701, or by e-mailing the Cops For Kids committee at CopsForKids@gmail.com

The funds will be administered to individual children to assist with the following, but not limited to:

  1. Supplies for school
  2. Needed clothing
  3. Field trips
  4. Private tutoring or lessons for gifted or educationally disabled students
  5. Privately owned athletic equipment
  6. Other needs approved by the Grant Committee.

The Grant Committee requires the following information be provided:

  1. Purpose of the grant and cost
  2. Continuing obligation or one-time allotment
  3. Name, address, and contact phone of parents, and name of recipient of grant. (confidentiality maintained)
  4. Name of administrator/counselor/teacher requesting the grant, and who will be responsible for its administration at the school level. The check will be made out to this person or the school on behalf of the student
  5. Grants must be submitted 60 days before anticipated date of need for committee review. Emergency situations should be mailed or e-mailed as soon as possible as we have a procedure for dealing with emergencies immediately
  6. Each grant request will be considered on its own merits on a case by case basis. Grants will have no set limits, however, when the allocation is expended we will discontinue the program for the school year.

Funding is made up entirely of private donations from individuals and businesses within Dane County. Encore Promotions puts on a benefit basketball game at Sun Prairie High School.  Please check out the ‘Donate’ section for more information about these events.


Please consider donating an amount that you deem appropriate if you are contacted on our behalf. Without donations, this worthwhile program will cease to exist. Cops For Kids is a tax-exempt, non profit organization and is registered as a Charitable Organization with the State of Wisconsin.

If you have questions pertaining to the validity of a request for a donation, feel free to contact Deputy Joe Wagner